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Logitude is structured in 4 departments

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Know how many of your target audiences think this way or that way


Free expression and open-ended questions during phone or face-to-face interviews, online surveys, focus groups.


Analysis of each press release with a detailed grid combining qualitative and quantitative indicators


Gathering the view of your targeted audiences about your most successful competitors, during phone or face-to-face interviews, focus groups or online surveys.

ad hoc solutions Market researches and surveys

Our team is at your service to understand your needs and propose an ad hoc solution to exactly meet your requirements.

  • Logitude has an extensive knowledge and know how to evaluate your marketing and communication performance using seven different types of survey
  • Our objective is to provide decision-makers a strong and validated foundation for action.
  • Logitude conceives and carries out all the different phases of the survey

Satisfaction surveys

Your issues

  • Know the current satisfaction level of your customers, your strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify the most powerful levers for your customers’ satisfaction
  • Understand the customer vision of your competitive positioning and its reasons
  • Understand the customer vision of your competitive positioning and its reasons
  • Improve your customers’ satisfaction in the most efficient way

Your benefits

  • Make the best choices to improve your customers’ satisfaction
  • Concentrate your human, technical and economical resources on the most effective factors to gain better customers satisfaction
  • Provide your key customers with the products & services best suited to their specific needs and expectations
  • Make your offer more competitive and more attractive

Competition analysis

Your issues

  • See where the company stands on its market in relation to the competition. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of the main players
  • Measure the gap between your company and your most successful competitors. Understand its foundations
  • Highlight the characteristics that distinguish your company from your competitors and know the value of these exclusive advantages in the market

Your benefits

  • Get inspired by the best practices and improve your offer
  • Refine your products / services and your strategy
  • Chose the options that have proven their relevance and efficiency. Limit risk taking
  • Expand your sales and add value to your business

Media analysis

Your issues

  • Know your media impact (TV, radio, print and online medias & general and specialised press)
  • Weight and analyse the positive and negative comments (about your strategy, products / services, image)
  • Identify opinion leaders, influential people and medias

Your benefits

  • Have a clear, objective and rational vision of your media visibility
  • Take control of your image. Have a better grip on it
  • Refine your corporate and commercial discourse
  • Adjust your key messages to be better understood and to have your target audiences’ support

Image and reputation studies

Your issues

  • Grasp the foundations of your identity and your reputation in your target audiences’ mind (values, characteristics, differentiating aspects, strengths and weaknesses)
  • Measure the gap between your projected image and your perceived image
  • Understand the reasons of it (discrepancy between discourses and acts for example)

Your benefits

  • Know the pillars of your image and identity
  • Identify the areas where your legitimacy and expertise are acknowledged, and the ones where your position seems weak or sensitive
  • Discover the new territories you could conquer with strong assets (skills, credibility, know how…)

Event impact analysis

Your issues

  • Measure your event effectiveness (e.g. a stand at an exhibition, sponsoring, seminar…)
  • Know the benefits you got from your participation (commercial benefits, image benefits, customers relationship enforcement…)
  • Assess your event capacity to promote your products / services, values / assets, key messages / specificities, image / reputation
  • Understand what your target audiences have enjoyed, what may have displeased or disappoint them and what may have been missing

Your benefits

  • Know the most efficient levers to improve your target audience’s satisfaction and maximise your benefits
  • Identify what expenses prove to be the most highly cost effective
  • Make the most of your participation by strengthening your bond with your customers and establishing a preferred relationship with your prospects
  • Promote your identity and your image; make your offer even more attractive

Advertising pre and post test

Your issues

Pre test
  • Measure interest in a new product or service
  • Know the needs and expectations of your target audiences. Identify potential risks and resistances
Post test
  • Measure a product or service performance
  • Understand the reasons for this performance

Your benefits

  • Offer products / services in tune with your target audience’s needs and expectations
  • Limit risk taking by avoiding errors. Optimise the marketing mix with responsiveness
  • Launch a new product / service on the market in the best possible conditions. Enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of a product / service already on the market

New trends

Your issues

  • Detect new needs and emerging expectations. Identify those that are not fully satisfied by the products or services currently on the market (the gap between the existing offer and the optimum)
  • Discover your clients and prospects new behaviours and new ways of consuming
  • Anticipate market trends

Your benefits

  • Renew and boost your offer
  • Unlock new value, exploit new growth opportunities
  • Keep pace with your main competitors. Gain competitive edges
  • Emphasise what makes your products or services unique / special
  • Promote your innovative skills and take a pioneer position

at your service Our management team

Logitude gathers a team of senior consultants with a strong level of expertise and more than 10 years in market research and surveys.

Recent references Références

Logitude consultant team has directly or indirectly carried out surveys in the following sectors

A pharmaceutical laboratory, France
Pre-test of the interest, appeal and conditions for success of a new health app among the general public and a chronic illness population
An important tourism player in the Rhone-Alpes region, France
Image and reputation survey among the area residents
A pharmaceutical laboratory, Russia
Impact of an internal seminar among employees
A major player in the food industry, Russia
Opinion survey among leading personalities and organisations
A leading automotive company, Russia and China
Internal climate survey among employees, in a merger environment
An important tourism player in the Rhone-Alpes region, France
Image and reputation survey among the area residents

FMCG / Distribution
Automotive industry
Industry and construction
Insurance and banking
Media and Entertainment

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